Thursday, 22 September 2016

The first few days

Well, what a start!

Day 3 - at evening's end.

The world is smaller than I thought it was yet so much bigger at the same time.

My family are so far away from me yet so close (perhaps closer then ever) at the same time.

You the reader are not here with me physically yet we are connected.

I fear not doing justice to my experiences thus far by attempting to commit them to words. Rest assured though - I will do so and 'put pen to paper.'

In the interim - let me tell you where I am know: quite possibly the coolest accommodation I have ever experienced (and maybe I have something to base that on after more than 10 years in the hospitality industry): Air bnb - 2068 Front St San Diego CA 92101 United States. The host is a genius!

Dinner in Little Italy  was delightful. Civico 1845 restaurant was amazing. An Italian Restaurant with real Italians, patrons and staff - and the food?  Magnifico.

Enough raving - this is a blog about Leadership and innovation in education - right?

Let me post my (attempted) sketch notes - (thanks Lora) - from Days 1, 2 and 3 ... you'll need to zoom in on them (please, let me know what impacts you).

I think I am getting better with this stuff - Day 1 was dreadful in hindsight. Day 3 - better.

I ask myself - why am I afraid to draw?

In addition to these 'Sketch notes' - I have a fair amount of notes and a reasonable number of photos. I am thinking of the best ways to share these.

I wonder if the man in the room across from me will survive much longer - he has a terrible cough that can only be smoking related... I assume ...

I wonder what the great people that I have met so far think of my 'adventure'. They are such generous people - I hope to be able to repay the favour some day ...

I wonder what you think of this blog - am I being self indulgent or is this helpful, thought provoking ad useful ...

I admire the people and the organisations that I have met that have taken an idea, taken their passion, seen a problem in need of a solution, and done something about it, have seen an opportunity, a need, and turned it into reality ...

I wonder who has stayed in this room before me ...

I wonder how I may be different when I get home in just under a month ... maybe I wont be ... would that be a waste?

Did you know that it takes more computer power to do a Google search than it took to put Neil Armstrong on the moon?

I think that this study tour is providing an amazing opportunity for open minded reflection .. I invite you to engage with me, challenge me, encourage me.

Until next time.



P.S. for the first time ever I was served a take away beverage bottle in paper, the same way that Christopher Lambert was able to reveal the 'Brandy 1783' in Highlander - I can strike that off the Bucket List ....

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  1. Sounds like a lot to take in. I haven't seen the 4A's referenced before, there are so many ways that people are sharing educational goals, no wonder it is hard to find clarity.